O-Rings for Tattoo Machines

What can be said of these plastic o-rings? They’re black for one.  Black goes with just about anything so I suppose that’s a sensible color to make these o-rings in.  They’re plastic or rubber.  I’m not quite sure which but they’re pretty durable   You can mash them between your finger firmly and they pop right back into the “o” shape, so that’s cool.  They also come in large quantity.  There looks to be about 100 pieces in this little bag but I’ve never broken them out and counted them individually so I can’t be positive but it’s a lot!



Oh boy do we have O-Rings.  We’ve got them in bags so you could say we litterally have bags and bags and bags of O-Rings.  These o-rings are special in that they’re specifically for tattoo machines, the tattoo artists call them o-rings for their armature bar.


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