Rubber Grommets for Tattoo Machines

Oh boy do we have rubber grommets.  We have them in a variety of colors as well.  You can't exactly pick the color, it's pretty much a grab bag, some are blue, some are yellow and others are red or black.  You get what you get.  For the most part the color of the grommet isn't what you're going to really care about.  You'll be more concerned with getting your tattoo machine humming like a beauty and would like to have ample parts to keep it that way.  Well, that's what you'll have when you buy a baggie of these rubber a-bar grommets, tons and tons of rubber grommets.  You'll probably want a freaking tackle box or tool box because you're going to start accumulating all these little necessities of the craft.  We have them at Supernova Smoke Shop.



What can you really say about rubber grommets anyway.  You just want them there when you need them, that’s about it.  There’s nothing particularly spectacular about these specific grommets beyond the fact that they do what they’re designed to do.  These grommets can be called A-Bar Rubber Grommets or Armature Bar Rubber Grommets.  If you’re a tattoo artist you probably know exactly what they are and now you know where to get them locally.  You can just swing by a Supernova Smoke Shop location and bang, you’ve got a bundle.


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