Ink Cap Tray for Tattoo Inks

It's it time for a new ink cap tray? Weather you already have one or haven't ever had one, it's probably time for a new one. These little plastic wonders of convenience usually come in a host of random colors so it's luck of the draw as far as color goes.

Having clients return isn't just about the work you do, that's the big part though. You want your client to feel comforable, like they're getting tattooed by a pro. That's an important part as well. No one wants to get a tattoo by someone dipping a needle in a rusty bucket of spit, it's just not sanitary. Be pro, look pro, get an ink cap tray.



These little plastic ink cap holders are genius. They have holes for three sizes of ink caps so you’re pretty sure to have some caps that fit. Makes things much easier to deal with so pick one up.


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