Medicali Ultra Refined 9x Butane

Yep, we have the Medicali Ultra Refined 9x Butane 300ml cans. These have a cool green top with Medicali printed on the side. I have to say, it's a rather fashionable can, kinda “slime accent” thing going on. The medicali logo is super cool too. This is premium 9x refined butane we're talking about here. Not that crappy junk they sell at the convenience store that will leave your lighter or torch broken.

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This is Butane Gas for lighters like torches and other lighters that take gas butane. Not like zippos that take liquid. From what I understand this is some pretty top notch butane and will keep your torch in good working condition. I like to advise customers who care about their torches to put some good fuel in their nice torches. You’ve gotta think about it like a little hot rod car. You put performance fuel in a high performance vehicle. The same philosophy can be applied to your high performance lighters. Do the smart thing.


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