RAW Pocket Ashtray

This is one little ashtray that’s small enough to take anywhere, I mean… who wants to carry around a huge heavy glass ashtray anyway.  That’s dumb and everyone will think you’re crazy.  We’re here to help you look  normal… just get one of these.  The little pouch is made of paper and has a shiny foil lining on the inside as you can plainly see in the accompanied photograph.  We wanted to be sure we got that foil lining in there.  You can’t exactly stick a hand rolled cigarette into a paper ashtray that doesn’t have any foil lining.   If you did you’d set yourself on fire… probably.  Let’s be clear here… don’t do that.  Get the RAW Pocket Ashtray that has the foil lining and you’ll have a much better chance of staying alive and not bursting into flames.  Oh, the whole little pocket thing will be held nicely together by a cool little metal button, also snazzy.

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OK, let’s do a little thought experiment.  Let’s say you’re maybe cruising in your ride having a quick smoke and BANG, the phone rings.  You’ve got way too much in your hands right now to handle a phone call.  Oh wait… good thing you have your RAW Pocket Ashtray!  You can just take your expertly hand rolled cigarette that’s cram packed with the finest tobacco Texas has to offer and pop it in this little foil lined beauty and you’re all set to handle whatever comes your way as well as keep your smoke safe.

This little paper wallet is foil lined and has a cool little brass button on it so that it snaps closed nice and tight.  You pop out this little stroke of genius and you’re friends will be like, “Hey, WTF is that bro… awww SNAP!  That’s dope!”.  You’ll be looking like a pro.  That’s what we’re about at Supernova.


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