Sitlo 2g Delta 11 Disposable Devices

Sitlo has hit this one out of the park- Delta 11 with the added benefits of Live Resin. Delta 11 is a seldom found and unique variant of tetrahydrocannabinol located in small concentrations in many strains of cannabis. It’s possible to convert delta 11 from another cannabinoid using a laboratory process. While its effects are similar to Delta 9, it comes without many side effects. Live Resin help in preserving trichomes and terpenes, it retains the flavor profile of the original plant. Preserving trichomes also keeps cannabinoids intact, and live resin is also known to be potent. And to top it off, it is rechargeable and can be preheated.

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  • Platinum OG (Indica)
  • Ice Cream Cake (Indica)
  • Mimosa (Sativa)
  • Pineapple Express (Sativa)
  • Apple Fritter (Hybrid)
  • Sunday Driver (Hybrid)


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