Lost THC Live Resin Disposable 6g

Discover the pinnacle of vaping with Lost THC Live Resin THCa | D8 | THCP Disposable 6g at SuperNova Smoke Shop. This disposable vape combines a potent blend of cannabinoids and live resin terpenes for an unparalleled experience. Its user-friendly design and advanced features ensure a customized and enjoyable session every time.

Available in San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Helotes, the Lost THC Live Resin disposable is your gateway to the future of vaping. Visit SuperNova Smoke Shop today to experience this innovative product!


Experience the Revolution with Lost THC Live Resin Disposable 6g at SuperNova Smoke Shop

Welcome to a new era of vaping at SuperNova Smoke Shop, with locations in San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Helotes. We’re proud to introduce the Lost THC Live Resin THCa | D8 | THCP Disposable 6g. This top-tier vape product brings together the finest elements of cannabis in a user-friendly disposable format, offering an unmatched experience for both newbies and veterans alike.

Each device is packed with a powerful 6g blend of THCa Diamonds, D8, THCP, HHCR, HHCP, and THCB, combined with live resin terpenes to deliver an ultra-potent and authentic cannabis experience. The Lost THC Live Resin series is designed with advanced features including draw-activation, adjustable dual airflow, and customizable power levels, ensuring each session is tailored to your preference.

  • Potent blend of THCa, D8, THCP, HHCR, HHCP, and THCB
  • User-friendly features like adjustable airflow and power levels
  • Draw-activated with a sleek and discreet design
  • Equipped with a 650mAh battery and USB-C charging
  • Intuitive clog-resistant technology for a smooth experience

Explore the Future of Vaping at SuperNova

Step into SuperNova Smoke Shop and explore the cutting-edge of cannabis technology. Our Lost THC Live Resin disposables are just a glimpse of the innovation we offer. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in finding the perfect product to elevate your vaping experience. Visit us in Texas and be a part of the vaping revolution!


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