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SuperNova Smoke Shop Annual 420 Party

It’s That time of the year again, join SuperNova Smoke Shop in a day of celebration and bring your friends. Supernova will be having our annual 420 party with the awesome deals and treats you’ve become accustomed to getting at SuperNova every year on 4/20.

Wishing San Antonio A Happy 2017

Another year past and things are looking pretty freaking sweet over at Supernova Smoke Shop. In case you missed it, Supernova opened two new locations in 2016 so it’s a pretty awesome year for San Antonio!

Benefits of Bubblers

Bubblers are one of the old school tools that have stuck around in the smoking community and for a good reason. Only the real smokers I know own a good bubbler and it’s often an overlooked tool and missing from the hobbyist’s collection. Whether you’re using a traditional bubbler or are newer model like the hammer style bubbler, bubblers are considered an essential piece to any seasoned smokers collection.